Packing Fragile Items: Everything You Need to Know

Packing Fragile Items: Everything You Need to Know

One of the most stressful aspects of the packing and moving process if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you haven’t done the proper planning is packing your fragile items. These items require a lot of care to ensure that they’re not only kept safe and free from damage but that they’re secure and organized. 

Packing fragile items in a way that keeps them safe and secure is more than just buying a certain box or packing them separately from other items in your move – it all starts with how you pack them in the first place. Make sure you’re working with the right packing materials from the start and that you have the best packing strategy to keep your things safe. You don’t have to just accept that something is going to get broken during the course of your move if you have the right process! Pack your fragile things strategically and you won’t have to worry about sustaining any potential damage while they’re being transported to your new home. 

How Do You Pack Fragile Items? 

Remember, it’s all in the strategy. Packing things like glasses or electronics can be tricky, but with our tips, you’ll be good to go. 

  • Use Small Boxes

Though this also applies to your move at large, it’s especially important for your fragile items to use boxes similar in size to the items that you’re moving. Using smaller boxes for heavy, fragile items will keep them more secure and make them less prone to being jostled or thrown around during your move. It’ll also make them much easier to load and unload safely. 

  • Use Quality Packing Supplies

When you use weak boxes or packing materials that aren’t built to protect the items that need, odds are your items will be put at more risk of damage. To keep fragile tings safe and secure, try to go out of your way to use only the top-quality, sturdy and well made boxes and packing supples.

  • How to Keep Your Boxes Secure

This might be a given, but it’s important to keep your boxes containing fragile items extremely sealed and secure. So how do you do this? It’s all in the tape! Make sure to put extra layers of tape on the bottom of your box especially to keep items safe from spilling out the box. Use as much tape as you think is needed to keep your items sealed and safe!

  • Line Your Boxes

A great way to keep fragile items not only buffered, but more secured and less prone to moving around in your box is by lining the bottom of your box with a blanket, towel, or some kind of soft packing material. This will less you fill the spaces with fragile items and allow you to keep your things from moving around. 

  • Pack Heaviest to Lightest

When packing fragile items, you’ll also want to make sure to layer the heaviest things on the bottom. This will give your box a dependable base and provide plenty of support to the lighter items on top. 

Now that you’ve got some great tips for how to pack fragile items, make sure you’ve got the right professional movers on your side for your relocation. Fuller Moving Services are the best professional moving company with the specialty services that will allow your move to run smoothly and efficiently – no matter what you’ve got!

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