Moving and Packing Tips for Moving Long-Distance

Moving and Packing Tips for Moving Long-Distance

Tackling a cross-country move can be a tall order for even those who have taken on large moves before. After all, long-distance moving or cross-country moving requires a lot of attention to detail and a lot of patience to make sure that your relocation runs smoothly, and that all of your items are taken care of and moved responsibly.

For over 60 years, Fuller Moving Services has pulled off successful moves for residential and commercial clients alike, but even we know that moving over distances like this can pose a challenge. That’s why we treat every move individually, since no two moves are the same, just as you and your household aren’t, either. Combining our experience with this notion allows us to treat your items with another level of care and professionalism that will keep them as safe as possible, even when being transported over long distances and thousands of miles.

Fuller Moving Service’s attention to detail and experience in the relocation industry lets us give our clients their best moves yet, as well as lets us give you the best moving and packing tips to make sure you get your items to their destination safely, whether you’re working with the best Sacramento moving companies or not.

If you’re looking for the best long-distance moving tips, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s run through the best way to prepare your items for long-distance moving, and how to keep them safe in the process.

Long-Distance Packing & Moving Tips

One of the most important things you can do throughout your entire moving process is to ensure that your items, bulky and fragile alike, are packed properly, securely, and safely. So how do you make sure your items are packed correctly for your move, and how does packing differ according to the different types of items you’re incorporating into your relocation? Let’s get into our best packing tips for your move.

    1. Get Packing and Moving Supplies

This might sound silly to say, but before tackling your packing planning process, you should always try to start as early as possible in getting boxes and packing materials. After all, it’ll be hard to start packing without anything to pack your items in! Get plenty of boxes, totes, and more at the ready for your move.

If you want to save money on your packing supplies and boxes, try to ask around to friends and family, and local businesses, or even look for free boxes on sites like Facebook Marketplace for free or low-cost boxes to make your relocation and packing that much easier. After all, you don’t want to be in the middle of your packing process and run out of boxes or have to run out last minute to restock on bubble wrap or tape to do so.

    1. Break Down Larger Items

If you can, a good way to make your move a little bit easier, especially if moving out of somewhere like a big apartment building that might have tight or awkward hallways (and not to mention tiny walk-ups with no elevators). Breaking down things like bookcases, bed frames, tables, and other larger furniture will let you not only have an easier time moving them but will also let you save room in your moving truck (whether using professionals for your relocation or not).

If you’re going to take apart furniture, however, always make sure you either remember how to put it back together or still have the manual for your item so that you can put it back together safely and correctly.

When taking apart larger furniture, make sure to remove screws, nails, fasteners, and any small parts of your furniture and store them separately in bags or secure containers. Make sure to also label them to make sure they don’t get lost or misplaced.

    1. Create a Schedule

We’ve all made the mistake before of just trying to rush through your move, and just trying to get as much as in as little of a time as possible. This backfires too often, however, and leaves you tired, burnt out, and even sore when you’re not even halfway through your move.

Rushing through your move can also make you become a little reckless or a little too lax in how you handle your items, which can lead to things being damaged or not having the proper care taken with them throughout the process.

Instead of rushing through your move and packing process, take the time to give your items the attention to detail they need and deserve to make sure they’re packed and handled carefully. Creating a moving timeline around your schedule and one that’s spread out a little more over time will also let you be less likely to get overwhelmed and will let you be more relaxed in how you pack.

    1. Declutter & Pack Light

Not only will decluttering your items allow you to get rid of the items that you haven’t worn or enjoyed in years, but it can also save you money on your professional moving services.

Professional moving companies typically charge by weight and distance, so having a lot of things that currently clutter up your home and also clutter your moving truck can result in you paying a lot more to make up for this weight. If you don’t want or use these items, go through them and get rid of them – you’ll be glad you did! This notion is only more important for those moving long-distance or cross-country.

    1. Have the Right Moving Company on Your Side

If you’re already started the packing process, hopefully, you’ve already locked down a moving date with the best moving company for you. If you haven’t however, you should look for moving services that are best for your specialty services and overall moving process.

Experienced companies like Fuller Moving Services will allow you to have the least stressful moving process and will give you the best service and pricing for your relocation. Especially when taking on a long-distance move, having professional movers by your side will make things infinitely easier than trying to move on your own.

When it comes to creating the safest and most efficient long-distance moving experience for yourself and your household items, packing smartly and securing your items will keep them safe for the long journey ahead of them. Having the right long-distance movers on your side will also let you enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that professionals are handling your items and will have them to you safely and quickly. See what Fuller Moving Services can do for you and your items today.

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