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5 Great Eats in Roseville, CA You Need To Try

You already know Roseville has plenty to offer any family living here or considering relocating here. The many amenities are part of what makes Roseville such a great city. There are lots of great restaurants for you and your family to dine at.

To help make your night out a little easier, we’ve put together a quick guide to the 5 best restaurants in Roseville – we’re sure you’ll find at least one that has you salivating at the thoughts of their menu choices.

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Rocklin CA

Rocklin, CA Built By Gold – A Brief History of the Town

Rocklin, California, like many small towns in California, owes its existence to gold. But our town’s history is so much more than just gold. Here’s a brief history of Rocklin, CA.

Early History

Prior to the California Gold Rush in the 1800s, Native Americans had populated the region around Rocklin, California, for centuries. The Rocklin area was filled with groves of oak trees and gentle hills filled with grassy valleys. The land was rich with game and Native Americans also harvested acorns, pine nuts, berries, and other plants native to the region.

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Roseville CA events

Here’s What You Need To Do in Roseville, CA (Fall 2015)

Looking for something to do in Roseville, California, over the next month? Here’s our list of the best things going on in Roseville, CA for fall 2015:

Tower Theater’s 75th Anniversary Celebration – Saturday, November 7

On Saturday, November 7, Roseville’s historic Tower Theater will go back in time to 1940 to celebrate its 75th anniversary. This year’s festivities include entertainment and a movie screening of “Too Many Girls”. Your $5 per person entry fee also grants you access to museum exhibits, live music, classic cars, concessions, street celebrations, and more.

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Your Comprehensive Moving Checklist & Best Moving Tips

Are you getting ready to move? Today, we’re collecting all of the best moving tips to help ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Make sure you’ve covered everything on the checklist, then read through our list of moving tips to become an instant moving expert. Consider printing out this guide to keep it handy during your move.

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