Moving Coordination

Our Moving Coordination service allows you to relax knowing that all the details of your move are being taken care of. Each client is assigned a Moving Coordinator who meets with you and your family, if desired, to discuss your individual needs and the services that we can provide to assist you during the moving process. Each move is individually planned and can include as little or as much assistance as you need. A time line is developed to assure that you are aware of each step involved in the moving process and when each step of the move will occur.

If family members are included in the moving process, we work closely with them, to keep them informed of the services, dates/times and any changes that may occur or be requested during the moving process.

On a full service move, your coordinator will develop a space plan and help identify furniture and household items that will fit best in your new home. We’ll then set up date(s) for sorting and packing and arrange for the packing supplies (boxes, paper, bubble wrap etc.) to arrive at your home along with the packers on the scheduled date(s). Any items that are being shipped to friends and family members will also be packed and shipped. If an estate sale is requested, your coordinator will set up appointments for you to meet with pre-screened estate sellers to discuss your options. Finally, we can make arrangements for donation and/or disposal of those items that you no longer need.

Your coordinator will schedule the moving truck and any equipment that is needed to successfully move to your new home on the day that you have requested your move. On the day of the move your coordinator will usually arrive a little ahead of the movers, to finish-up any last minute packing details. Once the truck arrives, your coordinator will direct the moving team to make sure everything is taken, the wardrobes are packed and any last minute details are taken care of.

Upon arrival at your new home, the moving truck is met by your coordinator and the unpacking staff who will then direct the placement of your furniture and start the unpacking process.

On large moves unpacking may require a few days to complete. On those occasions, if a client is spending the night in their new home instead of staying at a hotel or with family, the bed is made and the items necessary for the next morning are unpacked and set-up for the client at the minimum. Boxes are also stacked safely out of the way, so you can move about your new home without worrying about falling over something in the dark.

Once everything is unpacked and in place the pictures and mirrors are hung. Before we leave, we make sure that all the boxes and packing materials have been removed from your new home, allowing you to start enjoying yourself and meeting your new neighbors.

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