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Moving locally or long distance can be a challenge for even the most prepared. Let our experienced staff of experts help you through that challenging time with the confidence and proven ability to get the job done right. We can offer you everything you know you need, and help you with the parts you may not have thought of yet, with our complete set of moving services customized exactly for you and your moving and/or storage needs.

Our Comprehensive Set of Moving Services Feature:

  • Full-service packing
  • Custom crating
  • Packing material sales
  • Unpacking and Debris Removal
  • Highly-Trained CDL Drivers
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Piano shipping
  • Shipment Protection Coverage for long rage moves.
  • Third party services – disassembly/assembly of furniture, appliances, disconnect/reconnect washer/dryer, ice makers, etc.

What does full-service packing include?

If you’re moving to or from the Sacramento area, we will completely pack all of your items carefully for your move. We fully understanding packing is a stressful part of moving, so we provide service to handle all of it for you. Simply tell us everything you need packed for you move in Sacramento—such as clothes, books, kitchenware, furniture, appliances, personal items, and everything else you plan on moving—and we’ll guarantee everything is packed effectively and with great care.

What does custom crating include?

If you need to crate certain items during your move into or out of Sacramento, we can handle that process from start to finish. Maybe you’re moving overseas or you have a business and need to crate products—whatever the need is, we can crate items effectively to fit your budget and your needs. Since we’re an agent of NorthAmerican Van Lines, we have the ability to crate and ship from Sacramento to nearly anywhere in the world.

Get packing materials in Sacramento:

The move is happening, you’re getting all the details squared away, but you forgot about the packing materials you need. Don’t worry because we have plenty of packing materials for purchase. Get all of the boxes, tape and wrap you need to pack your belongings and keep everything safe during your move in Sacramento.

What does unpacking & debris removal include?

Once your belongings safely arrive in the Sacramento area, or wherever you moved from Sacramento, we will unpack everything from the truck and place it where you need it. Again, moving is such a hassle and incredibly stressful, so we carry the burden of unpacking the entire load for you. Just tell us where you want everything placed and we’ll make sure it gets unloaded with precision and care.

If there is any debris that needs to be removed from a new home or a new commercial space, we’ll take care of that as well. We don’t want you to stress about anything during the relocation process to or from Sacramento.

Our CDL Sacramento Drivers:

All of our drivers have a commercial drivers license (CDL) and are highly trained by NorthAmerican Van Lines (our agency) to provide the safest and most professional trucking service. All of our drivers complete comprehensive testing and licensure to guarantee their service is top-notch and always providing exactly what you need during this time of relocation to or from the Sacramento area.

Fragile Packing & Shipping:

We understand you have some precious pieces of furniture or equipment that need to be handled with extra care as they are moving in or out of Sacramento. We provide fragile item packing and shipping to guarantee your items are secure every mile of the move. Since we are professional movers and have been for decades, we know exactly what it takes to move your fragile items safely. Other movers in Sacramento aren’t going to take care of your fragile items are well as we are.

About Sacramento CA

The local residents of Sacramento have trusted Fuller Moving Services for their Sacramento movers for over 50 years. As the capital of California, Sacramento is estimated to be home to more then 460,000 people, 155,000 households and almost 92,000 families.  Sacramento is located along the Sacramento River and just south of the American River’s confluence in California’s expansive Central Valley.

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