Sacramento, CA Facts

If you’re thinking about moving to the Sacramento area, then we want to educate you on some of the great facts and tidbits about our city. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this and hope you find the city to be an inviting place for all people.

Let’s get started with our “Did You Know?” section:

Did You Know?

To start off, let’s pose this question – did you know?…

  1. Sacramento was once named the most diverse city in America by TIME. You might thing of other large cities across the country, such as NYC or Los Angeles being the most diverse, but Sacramento is actually a melting pot of culture.
  1. Forbes reported that Sacramento is actually the No. 2 happiest place to work in the U.S. Look at us, we really do enjoy our work.
  1. California actually produces more than 90% of the almonds in the world and the majority pass through the Sacramento area. Pounds upon pounds of almonds are right here because Blue Diamond, a massive nut producer, calls Sacramento home.
  1. Sacramento residents enjoy a Mediterranean climate. Sure, you could go visit the Mediterranean or you could enjoy the climate right here in Sacramento. It sure is nice.
  1. Our city has a bunch of nicknames: City of Trees or The Camellia Capital of the World or The Big Tomato. However, most locals refer to the city as “Sac” or “Sactown.”

A Brief History of Sacramento, CA:

The area of Sacramento has a history dating back to the “Gold Rush” when everyone was rushing out here to fill their pockets with gold.

The city is named after the Sacramento River, which was named after a Spanish calvary officer for the Santisimo Sacramento, which means the “Most Holy Sacrament.”

As prospectors moved into the area, the city quickly grew in population and industry. Trade began to develop around a wharf established by the first founders of the area. The city suffered setbacks due to constant flooding and the breakout of fires. City officials worked diligently to update the city and build stronger structures to withstand weather conditions.

In 1854, the city was selected as the state capital of California after a battle over where the capital should be placed.

Within a few short years, railroad technology grew in might and power, and Sacramento became the epicenter for California’s first railroad. The Central Pacific Railroad connected the east with the west in 1869, allowing Sacramento farmers to ship produce to the east. What was a six-month trip between the coasts now became a six-day trip.

Both World War I and World War II provided great growth for the area as Sacramento is home to Mather Field and McClellan Air Force Base. Both airfields drew an influx of people to the area and most stayed after the wars were over.

Today, Sacramento is a thriving metropolitan area, and has one of the lowest cost of living in all of the state. It’s also one of the fastest growing areas in California as well.

Sacramento Skyline

Notable Facts & Fun Tidbits:

  • The first suburban shopping mall in the U.S. was established in Sacramento back in 1945.
  • Sacramento’s redevelopment after the Great Depression is acclaimed as one of the most successful in the country.
  • The best cheeseburgers are right here in Sacramento, and now we’re not talking about In ’N Out. We’re talking about Squeeze Inn, which serves burgers that are famous across the country. The secret is in the cheese and lots of it.
  • The are more sports teams in the area than the Sacramento Kings. Sacramento also has a pro soccer team—the Republic FC—and the Sacramento River Cats minor league baseball, and the Sacramento State Hornets basketball team.
  • Sacramento is an earth-friendly city, boasting the SMUD energy distribution system along with recent $100 million in renewable energy investments.
  • It has only snowed a total of three times in the area since 1900. If you’re not a fan of snow, then we found your city.
  • We have one of the best hospitals in America—UC Davis Medical Center. It’s ranked as one of the 50 best hospitals in the country. Specialties include cancer care and orthopedics.
  • Employment is great here and the unemployment rate is only 6%, which is below the national average.
  • There are a bunch of tunnels underneath the city because the original city sat lower. It was later raised due to the amount of floods.
  • Sacramento is second to Paris in the amount of trees in one city.

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