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Please enjoy the following packing tips from NorthAmerican Van Lines!

Room by Room Packing Guide

More than just about anything else, packing well is essential for an overall successful move.

A full-service long-distance moving company can take care of this for you – but sometimes, you want to do it yourself. See our packing guide below for tips on a DIY move.

At North American Van Lines, we want to make your moving experience as painless as possible. While we offer packing services, we understand that some customers prefer to do the packing themselves. That’s why we’ve provided the following packing guide to help ensure you have a smooth cross country moving experience. See below for our room to room packing guides.

Garage/Hobby Room/Storage

Garages and storage sheds typically take the longest to prepare for moving, as they are filled with odd-shaped, sharp or heavy items that require special care to pack correctly.

Home Office/Den

Special preparation is required for large screen televisions and other electronics.


When packing bedrooms and bathrooms for a move, it’s good practice to start with your less-used rooms first — so begin with any guest bedrooms and guest bathrooms you may have before moving on to family members’ own bedrooms and bathrooms.


It’s not easy to pack a room that the family spends so much time in. But this guide has helpful advice and useful tips to help you break down the process of packing your living room or family room and make it easier.

Dining Room

Packing a dining room takes care and attention to detail, since so many fragile items are involved. That’s why we offer special dish-pack moving cartons and cellular dividers for stemware.

Kitchen/Laundry Room

Even though you might cook every day, or multiple times a day, the kitchen is one room you can start packing as soon as you know your moving date. You can start by packing up those items you rarely use: seasonal items, small appliances, bakeware you know you won’t need before the move, and other seldom-used items.

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