4 Ways to Make Moving Fragile Items Easy

4 Ways to Make Moving Fragile Items Easy

Moving requires a lot of patience and a lot of care – we all know that. However, even if you take the utmost care with your fragile items, accidents happen and things can break. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. Prevention is key when making sure your fragile items are safe and secure – no one wants broken heirlooms or broken glass all over the place! It’s just a matter of having the right supplies and the right tools. 

Easy Tips to Keep Your Fragile Items Safe When Packing:

  • Make sure you’re prepared. It’ll be very hard to take extra care with fragile items if you’re in a mad rush packing the night before you move. Especially when packing glass or fragile items, speed is NOT key. 


If you’re packing yourself, make sure to leave a lot of time to carefully and patiently pack these items, and make sure to label and designate their box to properly determine where they should go in your moving van. Otherwise, just bring fragile items in the car with you to make sure they’re safe. 

  • Get the right supplies. You’ll need high quality boxes and packing materials in a variety of sizes to accommodate your fragile items, no matter what they happen to be. 


You’ll also need high-quality, heavy packing paper and bubble wrap, plus strong packing tape. Prepare a space to organize and pack your fragile things securely. If you have larger or bulkier items, don’t try to do it yourself – ask for help to pack these things safely.


  1. Keep things labelled. There’s nothing worse than not labelling the fragile things in their respective boxes and ending up with that boxed put underneath something heavy, or thrown haphazardly somewhere in your moving truck. Mix ups can easily happen, but this can really cost you if you’re not mindful of where glass or fragile items are packed.


Make sure to keep your boxes labelled and communicate which boxes hold what to your movers so they can make sure to organize your things accordingly in the truck. Another perk of labelling? You’ll know where all of your things are as soon as they arrive at your home, and unpacking will be easy. 

  • Know what you’re packing and where. If you’re completely unorganized and don’t know which fragile things will be packed with what, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Pack like with like, and make sure heavier things are kept away from lighter ones. For example, don’t put family heirlooms in close proximity to a flat screen tv. Both might be fragile, but one is a little more susceptible to breakage. 

Now that you have a plan in place, get to moving! Don’t forget to strategize and leave plenty of time for you to pack patiently and smartly. There’s no use leaving yourself enough time, only to procrastinate and find yourself throwing fragile items around or not packing them properly right before you have to move them all. Still haven’t found dependable movers? Check out Fuller Moving Services for everything you need.

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