College Moving Checklist

College Moving Checklist

Whether you’re moving to your new home from college or simply a student moving to a university, we understand that you’re probably under a very tight budget. You need that extra cash for beer, football games, going out, and more, right? Okay, let’s not get carried away. We know you have legitimate expenses like tuition, books, and more that you need to account for. With this in mind, we’re happy to provide you with college move in and college move out tips that will hopefully maximize your budget and leave some extra money in your pockets.

Efficient, organized planning will make the college student moving process much less stressful, easy, and friendly to a student’s budget.   The following tips are provided to you so that you have a successful move – whether it’s to college or away from college.

College Moving Tips

  1. Do a pre-move visit to your new home or college.
    This way, you’ll be able to know what you need to bring, what you need to leave, and how much room you’ll have to ensure you don’t bring too much on your move.
  2. Sell or donate items you are not going to move with you.
    Go through everything and figure out what you’re going to need and what you’re going to store, as well as potentially having a moving sale depending on the items you have.
  3. Properly Label all of your belongings in your boxes.
    Clearly label what’s in the box to make the unpacking easier. Also, instead of folding clothes and other malleable items, roll them. This will give you more overall space and you’ll have less boxes to pack and unpack.
  4. Organize your items as efficiently as possible.
    Put all of your cords together – but make sure you don’t simply throw them all together. This will make it easy and you’ll feel much better when you know exactly where your phone charger is when you need it.
  5. Get some friends to help.
    Look, this is probably the last time you’ll have friends who won’t look at moving as a pain in the “you know what” – but instead they’ll figure some free beer and meals are worth every second of their help to you. Take advantage of this and sign up some of your best friends to help out.
  6. Pack away your most important items in a bag that you have quick access to.
    You’ll want to make sure all of the important things – like your pillow, video game console, and other essentials are within grasp when you need them.
  7. Relax and have some fun.
    You’re either on your way to an exciting new adventure with a move to your college, or you’re moving out of college without having to worry about tests, homework, and more – so don’t let the move stress you out in any way! Look at this as just one more journey in this beautiful thing we call life.

We hope these college moving tips were helpful to you. The experienced moving experts at Fuller Moving is here to help you with any move you have in mind. Whether you’re moving to college or away from college, our entire team wishes you the best of luck!

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