Condo & Apartment Moving Tips

Condo & Apartment Moving Tips

Moving can be a very a very exciting time, as it often signals the beginning of a new road on the adventure of life. Moving to or from an apartment or condo has its own share of challenges, so it’s important to be prepared to get the most out of moving day. Here are some great apartment/condo moving tips that will make your big day a great experience.

5 Moving Tips for Moving Your Condo or Apartment

Less Is More

Moving is a great time to go through all of your worldly possessions and decide if it’s time to downsize. It’s a well-documented fact that most people only interact with a small percentage of the stuff they have accumulated over the years. Before you start to wrap things in newspaper and box them up, take a moment to evaluate whether you want or need that item anymore. There are probably some people in your community who could make good use of such a thing, so fill up the car and make a donation to the local thrift store.

Measure Twice, Move Once

One of the tricky parts of apartment/condo moving are space restrictions. If you are going from a house into a condo, it’s important to know ahead of time whether your favorite new couch is going to fit through the door. Before the move, take the time to go over to the new place with a measuring tape, so you can be sure that your furniture and other belongings are going to fit into their designated spots. Doing this is a lot easier than having your giant red couch stuck between the kitchen wall and the living room.

Got an Elevator? You’re Going To Need It

When moving day arrives, you are going to need some dedicated time from the building’s elevator. Whether you will be using the regular, passenger car or the one designed to transport freight, you do not want to arrive with a full moving truck, only to discover that another person has reserved the lift for their own move. It’s not hard to image the frustration and delay that can be avoided by simply calling ahead and staking your claim to the elevator. Such planning will turn an already challenging day into a much easier one.

Parking The Moving Truck

Many condos and apartment buildings have strict rules about where you are allowed to park the truck during the move. Often times, putting the truck directly in front of the building will block the driveway or the cars of other residents. Take the time a couple weeks before the big day arrives to call the building’s management company to discuss where you can leave the truck during the move. This small investment of time will pay off handsomely and make for a much friendlier group of new neighbors!

Use Tools, Not Your Back

Moving into a smaller living space can sometimes require extra lifting of furniture to get around tight corners or carrying heavy boxes down long hallways. Take advantage of all the wonderful dollies, hand trucks and appliance carriers that people moving today have at their disposal. Putting something on wheels for even a short distance can make all the difference between a twisted back and feeling great the morning after the move. In addition to using equipment to move heavy objects, be sure to wear a support belt around your waist and lift from the legs and not your back. Being mindful about this can prevent painful back injuries and strains.

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