How to Hold a Successful Moving Sale

How to Hold a Successful Moving Sale

Now that you’ve decided to make a move, a great way to reduce the amount of items you have to pack away is to have a moving sale. You not only save some time, you can also make a little cabbage to help out with the moving expense you’re about to incur and get rid of those things you’ve been meaning to throw away for years!

For those of you planning a moving sale, keep in mind it takes a lot more than simply putting things in your garage and on your lawn and hoping people will buy everything. If you want to maximize your garage sale before your move, we’ve put together some moving sale tips to help you get the most out of it.

So where do you start?
First, take an inventory on exactly what you want to pack up and bring with you, and what you want to sell. Walk around your home and truly think about what you need and what you can do without. This is a great way to minimize the amount of items that you not only have to pack up, but also unpack when you actually make the move.

Next, pick a date and time for your moving sale. Weekends are always great because people are off work and have time to peruse the items you have for sale. Also, start sometime in the AM and then end it before dinner.

Make sure you look over every area of your house to find items you think people will buy. Make sure to check your attic, garage, shed, and any other area on your property. You may not like old records, but there’s a market for items like that.

Put on your marketing hat and make sure you advertise your moving sale. Use social media, print out flyers, and put some signs in areas near your home. This will ensure that you will get some foot traffic to your sale.

Another great way to increase the traffic is to ask your neighbors if they want to join you and have their own moving or garage sale on the same day or days you do. If there are more garage sales than your own in your neighborhood, the more people you’ll have at your own.

Make sure you offer fair prices and special deals, like bulk pricing, in order to make sure that the majority, if not all, of the items you’re putting up for sale are actually bought. Also, be prepared for some intense negotiating. Okay, that’s a bit much, but you should haggle a bit with your customers. It’s a moving sale, everybody is looking for a bargain and remember, the more you sell, the less you have to move.

Finally, have some fun and make sure you have some water or refreshments for your customers. They’re helping you – so treat them well and enjoy your moving sale as opposed to looking at it as another arduous task in the moving process. If you don’t sell everything, don’t be stressed about it – you can always donate anything you don’t want to bring that was not “moved” in your moving sale!

We hope these moving sales tips were helpful. The experienced moving team at Fuller Moving is happy to help out with any advice to ensure your move is as painless as possible.

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