How to Improve Your International Move

How to Improve Your International Move

International moving is an oftentimes long and complicated process that needs a lot of proper preparation beforehand to run smoothly. When facing an international move, odds are you’re a little overwhelmed – and might not even know where to start. Following the right procedure and process for you and your household to have your move on track will allow you to have a smooth international move, find the right movers in Sacramento to help you in your relocation, and allow you to have all of the right documentation to allow you to have a smooth entry process.

It’s no secret that any move is a pretty big undertaking, and international moving is no different. In fact, moving your entire household overseas is an even more complicated process to navigate once you take into account now only moving your things overseas, but in thinking about the customs process, documentation, and settling into an entirely different country top of that.

How to Choose the Right Professional Moving Company

One thing’s for certain when taking on a move overseas – you should never do it alone! However, when looking for the right international moving company, having the right research strategy is key to finding the right company.

After all, if you don’t have the right movers for your project or end up using international movers who don’t operate with integrity or your best interests in mind, it can truly make or break your entire relocation. With these kinds of moves abroad on top of this, having a complicated move fall apart because of an inexperienced or poor moving company can be pretty devastating.

So what can you do to ensure that you’re working with the right movers? First, if you want the best movers in Sacramento for your international move, you should always check out Fuller Moving Services for your relocation. We’ll provide you with the right international moving services to provide you with the smoothest overseas transition possible.

When looking for international moving services, you should always look for a company with a lot of experience in the industry, and one that specifically has experience in performing successful international moves. Using a company with experience will save you from having a relocation that doesn’t go smoothly, or having a messed-up customs or documentation experience.

Always also check out customer reviews on third-party websites like Google Reviews, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or Angie’s List to see what the general consensus on a company’s customer experience and service is, and see if there are any reviews specific to international moving services that can give you an idea of what to expect from the company. This will also help you get a gauge of how a company reacts to somebody not having a great moving experience. From there, shop around, compare pricing and quotes, and weed out any possible moving scams that don’t have reviews or who price their services suspiciously low.

The Best International Moving Checklist

Once you’ve found and locked in your professional moving company, it’s time to start preparing for your international move itself. Outside of the packing process itself, there are several variables involved with an international move that need to be taken care of to keep your entrance to your new country smooth and to allow you to settle in nicely.

To help you prioritize certain action items involved in an international move, we’ve compiled a list of some of the international moving tips to prepare yourself and your family for a move overseas:

    1. Save Extra Money

International moving can be very expensive, especially if you’re moving without the help of an employer. If you are moving with your job, check with their HR department to see if they’ll finance your move or reimburse you for expenses.

If you’re financing an international move yourself, try your best to save up as much as possible beforehand for not only the cost of moving services but for unexpected expenses or emergencies.

    1. Prepare Important Documents

Whether you’re moving abroad for work, school, or another reason, you should always have the proper paperwork prepared to ensure that you’re allowed to enter your new country – and that you’re allowed to stay there!

Of the documents you’ll want to have prepared, ensure that you have a current passport (or have gotten your’s renewed), have applied for work, study, or tourist Visa (or citizenship for permanent residence), and that you have copies made of important documents like social security cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses, medical records, and things of that nature.

Keep in mind that things like Visas, passports, and citizenship applications can take a long time to process, so leave plenty of time for these documents to go through well ahead of your relocation.

    1. Notify Proper Agencies

Besides notifying your landlord, employer, and loved ones of your move abroad, you’ll also want to notify government agencies as to your relocation, especially if you’re moving permanently or for more than a year. You’ll need to notify places like USPS, Social Security, the IRS, DMV, and other official agencies.

When moving abroad, you should also look into the US State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which lets the US embassy in your new country know of your residence or presence in case of emergency.

    1. Make a Schedule

Outside of the packing process itself, you should also plan things for your actual travel to make sure that you’re on the right track in your move. Always start early and prepare accordingly to stay ahead of the responsibilities you’ll have during your transition. To prepare, you should look out for:

      • Booking your flight to your new country (or research when the lowest flight prices are if you’re planning far in advance).
      • Plan your route to and from each airport in your current and new country. If your new country doesn’t have things like Uber or Lyft, try to book a taxi or a train ticket ahead of time to make your arrival smooth – especially if you don’t speak the language.
      • Take time off from work for your travels, or look for work in your new country.
      • Book any accommodations that you’ll need.
      • Look up maps and familiarize yourself with essential things like routes to grocery stores around your new home.
      • Look into getting a new SIM card for service in your new country or into international phone plans.
    1. Settle Into Your New Home

Having a comfortable transition into your new home abroad makes all the difference in letting you settle in quickly and become comfortable in your new space. Before you move, make sure you have your living arrangements good to go, have found work or are preparing for your new placement with your company, have looked into or opened a bank account in your new country, have looked into healthcare, and have looked into getting your license in this new country if you’re looking to drive. Getting all of these things squared away ahead of time will make a huge difference in ensuring you settle in safely and smoothly.

Now that you’re on the road to preparing for your move overseas, we’re sure you’re very excited for what’s to come! Make sure to start your planning and preparation early so that you can focus on settling into your new home, instead of rushing around at the last minute or being unprepared.

Looking for the right international moving company for you? See what Fuller Moving Services can do for your and your household’s big move today.

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