Top 5 Tips for a Long-Distance Move from a Trustworthy Moving Company

Top 5 Tips for a Long-Distance Move from a Trustworthy Moving Company

Looking for a trustworthy moving company that makes your long-distance move a priority? Figuring out where to start in your moving journey can be tough, but finding the right long-distance movers and doing the right preparation for your relocation can make a world of difference in how smoothly your move goes and its overall efficiency.

There’s no denying it – long-distance moving involves a lot more variables than a local move, and all need to be prepared and planned properly to ensure that everything comes together in the way that you envision. Planning your move and finding the right long-distance movers can be arduous, but with the right attention to detail and research, you’ll be able to pull off a move that’s positive and that truly works in your favor.

Many people’s priorities when it comes to long-distance moves are of course making sure that their items arrive safely to them, while also saving money in the process. To set you up for moving success, combining these aspects is to keep not only shopping around for the right long-distance moving services for your household but in having the best process overall.

How to Choose a Long-Distance Moving Company

Before we get into the best moving tips for your relocation, let’s talk about one of the most important aspects of your long-distance move: finding the right long-distance movers for you. As we said, long-distance moving involves a lot more variables than local moving and needs a lot more attention to detail and care to ensure its success.

Because of this, working with a long-distance moving company with experience and expertise in longer moves goes a long way in keeping your items safe and having them delivered quickly and safely. This is only more important the larger your move is, or if you’re gearing up for an office move or business move. Your movers should be prepared for just about anything, so you can focus on settling into your new home!

When researching long-distance movers, you want to look at both reviews, experience, and price. After all, even if you find a moving company that seems to be cheap, none of that will matter if their service isn’t what you’re looking for (or, even worse, if they’re a moving scam). Look at a company with successful records of many out-of-state, long-distance, or international moves, and do your research to compile a list of possible companies that work within any specialty services you might need, and ones with positive customer reviews.

When looking at customer reviews, don’t just look at the ones listed on the companies’ sites, either. Look on third-party sites that do not let the companies in question moderate or influence the reviews that they receive, like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, or Google Reviews.

Once you’ve found a company with a majority of favorable reviews, look up their licensing and accreditations with the company’s USDOT number, which should be listed on their website or given to you. This will let you ensure that they’re a legitimate operation that is licensed to operate throughout the country.

From there, go through your list of remaining companies to shop around and get quotes from multiple. Assess what services they’re offering at which prices, and what the best value for your household is.

Long-Distance Moving Tips

Once you’ve found the right long-distance movers and have booked them successfully, it’s time to look ahead to your move itself. Now that you have your moving date, you can focus on creating a timeline and a packing strategy that will work for you. The following are some of the best tips for preparing for long-distance moving.

  1. Make Your Budget: You should do this before booking your moving company for a more complete budget that addresses the full scope of your move, but creating a budget for your packing supplies is also important.

    When comparing the prices you’ve been quoted by your potential moving companies, make sure that this estimate includes all of your moving costs, and that you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or costs. Your quote should be based on an in-person quote that estimates the weight of your move, as well as the distance of your relocation.

  2. Declutter Your Home: One of the best ways to save on your move is by clearing out the items you don’t need, want, or use in the first place. Not only will this make your move cheaper (especially if you clear out the furniture you don’t like or need), but will also make your packing process significantly easier.
  3. Gather Packing Materials: If you’re not using the professional packing services you can get from Fuller Moving Services, start gathering packing materials for your move early on. This will let you save big on the materials in the long run, and will let you be prepared when it comes time to take on the packing process.

    An easy way to save on packing materials is by sourcing free boxes and materials from family, friends, or local businesses (ask!), and also through repurposing your existing items. Instead of shelling out big on a lot of bubble wrap, for example, use your sheets, old t-shirts, socks, and more to cushion your items.

  4. Start Packing: After decluttering your home and having gathered some packing materials to keep you on the right track, it’s time to begin packing! Plan your packing timeline and make it a gradual process so that you don’t overwhelm yourself, nor do you have to leave anything to the last minute.
  5. Prepare Children & Pets: Always try to prepare your kids and pets as well as you can for the moving process so that they’re excited and ready to take on the transition with you.

After getting yourself prepared and packed, it’s time to get started on your journey! Long-distance moving isn’t always easy, but having a successful process can be rewarding and efficient if you have the right strategy and preparation involved. Looking for the right long-distance movers to aid in your move? See what Fuller Moving Services can do for you today!

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