Why Sacramento is a Great Place to Live in California

Why Sacramento is a Great Place to Live in California

Deciding on a place to move to in California is a big deal. California is a massive state that offers a variety of places to settle down. Each city is different from the next. From the city life or the culture to the weather or the cost of living. Finding the best area in California for your wants and needs may be difficult. You will be able to narrow the search down with just a few questions and personal considerations.

What is most important to you?

1. Location

Location is one of the most essential aspects you should consider. Whether you are moving for work or just for a change in your life, location is key. You’ll want to keep in mind how close you want to live to family, schools, cities, parks, nightlife, and more.

2. Weather

California has some of the best weather in the world. However, California is huge and some of the best weather may not be what you’re looking for. The coasts of California usually don’t have seasons. While inland California you’ll get more of a seasonal feel, especially in northern California.

3. Cost of living

California is expensive. Trying to live in a big city or by the beach will drive the cost of living way up. Inland living is significantly cheaper. You also get more space such as a backyard, a front yard, and a garage when you live inland. Meaning you will have much more space on your property.

4. City life

If you love the city then you should look into either Los Angeles or San Fransico. Both are big cities that off a lot to do. City life can get claustrophobic after a while and is a lot more expensive. If you are looking for something less chaotic and smushed together, then avoiding city life would be best for you.

5. Coastal living

Living next to the beach or close enough to get there quickly is a luxury. If you love the beach or the bay then you should try to find something close to the water. Coastal living is more expensive and you will get less space.

6. Living close to wildlife

Living close to wildlife is something that more and more people want to do. Getting away from the city and the mass of people is always nice. Inland northern California is perfect for living close to wildlife. Places like Sacramento offer quick access to wildlife.

Does Sacramento meet all your wants and needs?


The weather in Sacramento is slightly different from that of the rest of California. It gets warm in the summer and then drops to freezing during the winter. You will definitely get your seasons here. It does not usually snow in Sacramento. There are nearby mountains that you can access that will surely have powder on them during the winter.


The culture of Sacramento is diverse. There are people from all over living in the city. Sacramento also has a ton of historic landmarks and is the capital of California.


Sacramento is located in Northern California. The city sits between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco.It is surrounded by nature, but not deeply rooted in the wilderness so you will still have tour space.

Who are you moving with?


Moving with children of any age can be tiring. Packing up your belonging, along with theirs may be too much. If you plan on moving to Sacramento you should find residential movers in Sacramento. Movers such as Fuller Moving Services will pack everything for you, move it all, and unpack. We also can move fragile items or special items like pianos or pool tables.


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We will help you and your parents by packing everything, downsizing if needed, moving, unpacking, and decorating. As a full moving service in Sacramento, We do everything for you. All you have to do is get your parents and yourself safely to your new home.

Full Service Moving Company in Sacramento

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Local Moving

It is possible that you just want to move to a different area in Sacramento. You will need to find a great local moving company in Sacramento. One that can pack up your home or apartment then move it all and unpack in a timely manner. Fuller Moving Services can do just that. We have been in the moving industry for 90 years.

International Moving

Fuller Moving Services will take care of your international move as well. We can be your Sacramento international mover. We will deal with shipping and finding third-party movers that are trustworthy. Once everything arrives, We can move it all, unpack, and decorate your home.

Commercial Moving

Moving your business to Sacramento is a huge task. The best commercial movers in Sacramento are Fuller Moving services. We help with business and office moves, along with hotel moves.

Fuller Moving Services

If you have decided that Sacramento is the best area in California for your wants and needs then you need a full service moving company in Sacramento to help you. No matter where you are moving from or why you or moving, We will be able to help with everything. We are the most honest and versatile full service moving company in Sacramento.

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