10 Things to Know About Sacramento Before Moving Here

10 Things to Know About Sacramento Before Moving Here

You might know that Sacramento is the capital of California. But what else do you need to know about this city of nearly 500,000 people before moving here? We’ve made it easy: here are 10 things you need to know before moving to Sacramento.

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1) It’s One of the Most Diverse Cities in America

Sacramento was once named the most diverse city in America by TIME. Los Angeles and New York City might be called the great melting pots of America, but the multiplicity of cultures in Sacramento blend together smoothly to create more of a cultural mosaic than a melting pot. This makes Sacramento one of the most integrated cities in America.

2) You’ll Eat the Best Cheeseburgers of Your Life in Sacramento

In N’ Out, Five Guys, McDonald’s….wherever you’ve had your best burger before, forget about it before you move to Sacramento. Sacramento is famous for its burgers. Don’t believe me? Pay a visit to the Squeeze Inn, which serves burgers so famous they’re known all across the state of California. Their secret is to use lots of cheese – you get a slice of cheese that’s about twice as large as the burger bun!

3) We Have More Sports Teams Than You Think

Most people know Sacramento because of the Sacramento Kings. Sure, being a Sacramento Kings fan can be tough, at times, especially as the team goes through a bit of a rebuild. But beyond cheap NBA tickets, Sacramento has plenty of other sports teams to support, including the Sacramento Republic FC pro soccer team, the Sacramento River Cats minor league baseball team, and the Sacramento State Hornets men’s basketball team, which plays in the Big Sky Conference.

4) We Have a Ridiculous Number of Nicknames

Ask five people on the street about Sacramento’s nickname and they might give you five different answers. Some of the most common nicknames include “City of Trees,” “The Camellia Capital of the World,” and “The Big Tomato.” Well, at least that’s what some tourists call the city. To locals, most people just call it “Sac” or “Sactown”.

5) Being Eco-Friendly is In Our Nature

Sacramento, like many cities in California, is taking a proactive approach to environmental sustainability. Unique eco-friendly features in Sacramento include the SMUD energy distribution system along with a recent $100 million investment into renewable energy. You don’t have to walk far around town to spot solar panels on someone’s roof.

6) One of the Best Hospitals in America

UC Davis Medical Center calls Sacramento home. That medical center was recently ranked as one of the 50 best hospitals in America by News & World Report, which compared 5,000 hospitals across the nation. Key areas of specialization include cancer care, where UC Davis ranked 39th in the nation, as well as orthopedics, where the hospital ranked 50th.

7) We Produce a Lot of Almonds

California produces more than 90% of the world’s almonds (and 98.5% of America’s almonds), and many of those almonds pass through Sacramento. Almond maker, Blue Diamond, calls Sacramento home, and that means millions of pounds of almonds are being processed through the factory every day.

8) It Has Snowed Three Times in Sacramento

Don’t like snow? Sacramento might be the city for you. There have been three significant snow fall events in Sacramento since 1900. That’s right: three. Sure, it might snow a couple times in December or January, but it rarely sticks to the ground.

9) Lake Tahoe is a 2-Hour Drive Away

It doesn’t snow in Sacramento, but you can still get your skiing fix on a day trip. Lake Tahoe is just a two hour drive away. That’s a great way to spend the winter, but it’s also a popular summertime destination for Sacramento residents.

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