If You’re Moving to Sacramento—14 Main Things to Know

If You’re Moving to Sacramento—14 Main Things to Know

Living the west coast lifestyle is what dreams are made of for most people, especially anyone living in a state where they spend most of their year either freezing, or soaking wet, or a combination of both.

Fortunately, for some, Sacramento remains off the beaten path in terms of a surge of families relocating, simply because most people relocating to California are heading straight for the coast.

Fuller Moving Services has assisted in hundreds of moves to Sacramento, and here are some of the reasons why you might want to live here too:


The Old & The New of Sacramento

Sacramento is the state capital of California, and has a history, and heritage, dating back to the days of the “Gold Rush”. A population of just 500,000 people means you have a city capable of supporting a modern lifestyle, but not so overcrowded that you can’t get around during rush hour.

Our picturesque downtown is just 4-miles wide, making it very compact for a modern city, and when you include the light rail system we have in place here, it makes getting around even easier.

Old Sacramento is a trip back in time to the 1850s, especially the Lady Adams Building, the B.F Hastings building, and, of course, Sutter’s Fort should be on everyone’s bucket list. Sacramento, or “Sac Town” for short, combines the best of the old world with the best of the new.

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Local Climate in Sacramento Similar to Mediterranean

If you’ve shivered your way through your last winter, swearing to find a warmer place to live, then Sacramento should be at the top of your list.

Our Mediterranean climate means you get hot, dry summers, and then very mild winters following that, and without much rainfall. The sweltering summers are eased a little by the “delta breeze” carried here thanks to the Sacramento River, one of two rivers flowing around the city.

How hot does it get in Sacramento during the summer? You can expect highs of around 75.5 °F during a normal summer here, so you get real summer weather, and not just a break in the rain. Sacramento is also a very environmentally friendly city – up to $1 billion will be invested in “green” projects by 2020.

Cost of Living in Sacramento Better Than Other Parts

One of the real bonuses to living in Sacramento, or the nearby areas, is that the cost of housing is far, far lower than almost anywhere else in California. This means you get a bigger home for less money than you will elsewhere in the So Cal region.

An additional financial bonus is that your utility bills will also place less of a strain on your bank account when you’re living here – the electrical rates in Sacramento are lower than most other cities in the state. Basically living here means you get all the perks of the So Cal lifestyle but without all the financial baggage that comes with that.

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Great Employment Opportunities in Sacramento

With an unemployment rate of just 6%, Sacramento has better employment prospects than the national average. The major employers here include financial services, the education system (including universities and the local school districts), plus there are major tech companies located here, including Intel.

If you’re looking for a job in the aerospace industry then Aerojet Rocketdyne and Gen Corp Inc might be an option for you, plus we also have plenty of entry-level jobs at Walmart and similar stores.

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Get Active in Sacramento

When you’re not working, you’ll want to spend your “down time” with family and friends. Sacramento can offer you plenty of biking, hiking and walking trails to enjoy.

Folsom Lake provides plenty of opportunities for a variety of water sports and the local rivers mean you can enjoy some white water rafting too. If you’re a sports fan, then you can look forward to following the games of the Sacramento River Cats and the Sacramento Kings.

Education in Our Great California City

If you have school-age children, then you’ll be pleased to hear that our city can offer you a complete range of highly-rated elementary, middle and high schools, as well as a number of world-class universities for your children to attend.

Some of the best high schools here include Rocklin High School, David Senior High School and Natomas Charter School. For the older “kids,” in your household they can choose between California State University or UC Davis, as just two great examples.

Bustling & Quite Diverse Culture of Sacramento

We’re proud of just how ethnically diverse our population is, because it helps make Sacramento a great place to live – the cultural heartbeat of a city always starts with its people.

In terms of actual culture, we can offer you everything from the best cheeseburgers you’ve ever tasted to several large theaters to enjoy. If theater isn’t quite your thing, but you still want to enjoy a cultural day out, then you’ll need to check out the Crocker Art Museum, among others.

Energy Efficiency in Sacramento

Climate change is happening right now, regardless of what the cause might be. Far too much energy has been invested in debating the topic, and not enough in taking steps to ensure that future generations have a habitable planet to live on.

Sacramento has taken the initiative here with their SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) system which ensures that the city uses as much renewable energy as is possible. Right now the city provides 20% of its total power demands through renewable sources, and the goal is to reach 33% of demand by 2020. Based on current progress it looks like the city will achieve that goal earlier than scheduled.

The city is also currently undergoing an energy efficiency retrofit, with a budget of over $100 million to make this program a reality. In addition to this, the Home Performance Program makes it possible for homeowners to get up to $9,000 in home improvement grants to enhance their home’s energy efficiency.

Nurturing Knowledge, Nurturing Jobs in Sacramento

Companies who have made Sacramento their home include Hewlett-Packard, Packard Bell and Intel, providing thousands of jobs here. Other more recent additions to the city’s high-tech industry portfolio include AnPac Bio-Medical Science Company and Flippbox, both companies providing new employment opportunities for local graduates, and people willing to relocate to the city.

The only way you can attract big tech companies to set up shop in your city, or state, is to have a highly educated workforce available to them. There are several college campuses located in and around Sacramento, each of these providing a steady flow of educated graduates each year. In fact, there are over 20 different colleges operating within Sacramento, providing a workforce with a broad range of skills, and in multiple industries.

In fact, there are over 20 different colleges operating within Sacramento, providing a workforce with a broad range of skills, and in multiple industries. University of California – Davis (UC Davis), University of California in Sacramento, and Sacramento City College are the three most popular colleges in the city, catering for students studying everything from medicine, legal studies, and art to cosmetology.

Sacramento Is Close To Everything:

Sacramento is centrally located to San Francisco, Napa and Lake Tahoe. Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, it’s just a short drive away. When you combine that with the fact that there is almost no traffic to contend with, you’ll start to see why so many people are trying to relocate to Sacramento. Those hour-long tailbacks you take for granted in LA or San Francisco don’t exist here.

Taking Lifestyle to the Next Level:

You’ve finally reached that point in your life where you’ve realized that a big salary doesn’t necessarily equal happiness? Good. Salaries in Sacramento probably can’t compete with the bigger west coast firms, but we can offer you a quality of life you won’t find anywhere else. No more insanely long commutes, no more frightening crime statistics, no more ludicrous real estate prices. Learning to be comfortable in your own skin is an important part of personal growth, but being comfortable with where you’re raising your family is just as important.

Some of the Best Hospitals Are Here:

No matter where you live, having easy access to a hospital that provides exemplary healthcare is always important. UC Davis Medical Center is ranked in the top 50 of all US hospitals in providing cancer and orthopedic care, making it one of the best hospitals in the country. Of the 5,000-plus hospitals spread across the United States, you’ve got a gem right in your backyard.

Sacramento is a City of Entrepreneurs:

Remember when people used to talk about Silicon Valley in hushed voices while the latest and greatest technological developments would come pouring out? Sacramento has very quietly acquired the title of being the single best place on the West Coast for start-ups. Why struggle with the rents in Palo Alto when you have an affordable start-up in a friendly city an hour’s drive away? Not only that, but the city houses a highly-educated workforce, ready to make your business a success.

Big City Vibe, Small Town Heart

People visit Sacramento because they hear it’s a friendly city, and they wind up staying because that’s the truth – the more time you spend here, the more difficult you’ll find it to leave. We are all more connected than we ever have been before. Despite this, our largest cities are becoming cold and impersonal places with people feeling lonelier than ever before.

Not so in our fair city by the rivers. The people who live here value the social ambience created by our diverse population. We still take the time of day to say hello to each other, to be friendly, and to make you feel welcome. A big part of what makes Sacramento such a great place to live are the people who live and work here – you won’t feel like a stranger for long.

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