What’s the Difference Between Residential Moving & Commercial Moves? 

What’s the Difference Between Residential Moving & Commercial Moves? 

Though all types of moves are handled professionally and efficiently by Fuller Moving Services, not all moves are created equal. What do we mean by that? We mean that the size, scope, and requirements involved in each move, whether from client to client or type to type are all different and unique. However, some require more planning, effort, and expertise than others. Residential moving for instance may require less complicated planning than a commercial move.

One of the largest differences in the planning process and moving process itself is between residential and commercial moves. But what’s the difference between the two, and how does each work? We’ve got all of your residential vs. commercial moving questions answered.

What is Residential Moving? 

Before we compare what goes into each moving type, let’s first define what each type of move entails on its own. 

If you’ve ever moved into a new house or residence before, odds are you’re pretty familiar with the residential moving process. A residential move is when an individual or multiple individuals move their household items into a residence, whether that is a house, apartment, or anything in between. 

To prepare for a residential move, you’ll want to start your process by locking down the best professional moving company for your relocation, (which will of course be Fuller Moving Services!). After completing this step and locking in your move-in date, you want to begin the decluttering process and get the items you’ll be taking with you ready for the move to your new place. 

Collect boxes and moving materials to transport your items safely if you’ll be packing yourself, or take advantage of your company’s full-service packing options. 

When planning a residential move, you’ll want to focus on when to move and how to coordinate your schedule for the relocation. Try to give yourself as much time as possible, and don’t try to take on too much at once. 

What is Commercial Moving? 

Commercial moving is an entirely different process that can be easily overlooked or looped in with other types of moves, despite being very different. A commercial move refers to the relocation of a business or retail establishment. From a tiny retail store to a huge corporate office, warehouse, or factory, commercial moves encapsulate many different things. One of the biggest aspects of the process to pay special attention to when planning a commercial move is to give yourself as much time as possible to plan and to move in a way that lessens the disruption of regular business as much as possible. 

Planning a commercial move is usually much more in-depth, and usually involves a lot more moving parts (literally). Odds are, you’ll need specialized help or a company specializing in commercial moving to help you throughout the entirety of the process to pack and move the heavy, awkward, or bulky items in your office. 

To minimize the impact on your business’ day-to-day operations, try to arrange your moving day to be on a weekend, or even during the evening or overnight so as not to disrupt business or impact daily employee productivity. 

Determining what sort of move you’ll be embarking on is crucial to not only hiring the right movers for the job but to make sure you’re not being charged for the wrong sort of move. Whether you’re looking for professional residential or commercial moving services, however, Fuller Moving Services is the best of both worlds when it comes to great pricing and great service. See what we can do for you today. 

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