Packing Services

As part of our complete moving services, we offer packing by our staff of professional packers. During our initial visit with each client we discuss your packing options and provide an estimate of the time it will take to pack your household items and the costs associated with our packing services for your consideration.

Each client has the option of selecting No Packing (packing everything yourself), Some Packing Assistances, or Full Packing by our staff. If you select to use our packing services, we will provide all the boxes, packing materials, tape, bubble wrap, etc., necessary to wrap your household items for the move to your new home.

Included as a normal part of each of our Senior Moving Services moves, we provide the Wardrobe Boxes for your hanging clothes on the day of the move, we pack the Wardrobes at your current house, unpack them and hang your clothes in your new closets, and remove the empty Wardrobe boxes at the end of the move.

We can also pack for shipment any items that you would like to send to friends or family members in other cities or states.

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