Moving Away From Sacramento – How To Pack

Moving Away From Sacramento – How To Pack

Moving away from Sacramento is a lot of work.

For most people, packing is the hardest part. How do you pack when moving away from Sacramento? Today, we’re explaining the tips and tricks that will make it easy to pack when moving away from Sactown.

Start By Collecting Boxes For The Move:

You’re going to need lots of boxes for your move. In fact, you’re probably going to need more boxes than you think. Many people are surprised by how much stuff they own once they start clearing out closets and basements.

Your first step when preparing to move away from Sacramento is to collect as many boxes as possible. Ask around at local stores for their old boxes. Ask friends for their old moving boxes. Buy new moving boxes. Ask your moving company for boxes (many have special reinforced moving boxes available at discount rates).

Pack and Label Boxes:

Next, your goal is to pack and label your boxes. Be meticulous with packing. Here are some of the things people do when moving carefully:

-After packing each box full, take pictures of the inside of the box before sealing it as a proof of condition (it also helps you remember where certain items are)

-Label each box with a permanent marker. The label should tell movers where the boxes need to go in your new home. Be specific. While you’re at it, label boxes with their contents. If the contents of the box are valuable, consider being vague by just writing something like “fragile” on the box.

-Create an inventory list of all of the boxes you’ve packed and make sure you count all of the boxes once they arrive at your new home

-Keep important paperwork and possessions (passports, purses, banking info, etc.) in one place and avoid packing it (take it with you in the car during the move)

-Dedicate one area of your home as a packing area where you can keep all of your boxes, along with your packing tape, markers, label, and inventory sheets

Learn How to Pack Valuables:

Whether you’re moving a long or short distance, packing valuables and fragile items can be difficult. If you don’t pack them with care today, you’re going to end up with a lot of broken stuff at the end of your move.

Some tips for packing valuables include:

-When packing glasses, stuff packing paper into the glasses and then wrap them with more packing paper to avoid cracking or breaking

-Stuff packing paper and bubble wrap into boxes with dishes, cups, and other fragile items, making sure to fill all of the empty space with extra padding

-Save smaller boxes for heavier things like books and use larger boxes for lighter things

-No matter how well you think you packed, you should always get moving insurance. You never know if the truck will have to make a sudden stop, for example, or if a box mysteriously disappears along the way. The peace of mind you get from moving insurance is often worth the price on its own.

-Thinking about what else you need to consider before moving? We’ve created a checklist for you.

Get Rid of Everything You Won’t Need in your New Home:

Your new home is different from your old home. You don’t need to bring everything to your new home. Your old king-sized bed might not fit in the guest bedroom, for example. Or, your TV may be too small for your new living room.

Consider the measurements of your new home before you move. Then, sell anything you won’t need. You can make money by selling old furniture. Plus, you free up space in your moving truck and avoid extra packing stress.

Not sure of what to get rid of? Bustle has you covered.

Avoid Packing Stress Today with a Free Sacramento Moving Quote:

Packing is the most stressful part of moving. Unless you’re a professional mover, you probably don’t know how to safely pack your possession into the back of a truck.

That’s why professional movers are a smart investment. You protect your possessions. You minimize stress. And, you get it all at a cost that’s not much higher than renting your own moving truck.

If you’re moving away from Sacramento, get a free moving quote from Sacramento moving company Fuller Moving Services and enjoy fast service, honest rates, and a stress-free moving process anywhere you need to go.

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