Where to Move in 2022

Where to Move in 2022

If you’re looking at a 2022 move, there’s no better time to start your research like the present! Whether you’re looking for a better climate, new job opportunities, or better value for your money in terms of neighborhood and overall housing type, there’s definitely something out there for you, especially in the incoming housing market. 

If you’re like a lot of people, your office may have permanently allowed employees to work from home, which allows you to move to an environment that maybe you’ve always wanted to move to, or one that might allow you to be surrounded by beautiful scenery while living in a larger house that costs less. 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, more and more people have moved out of dense, large cities to more spread-out areas that provide them with a lower cost of living and a more chill, laidback lifestyle. These trends are only going to continue in 2022, especially as more offices choose to not make employees come back to the office at all. Without a commute, people can go wherever they want! So where are they going? Let’s find out!


Top States to Move to in 2022

This current year is all about moving for YOU! So where are people headed to now that they don’t have to worry about work responsibilities? 

In 2022 moving trends are all pointing toward three states in particular for people to move to:

  • Texas
  • Florida
  • North Carolina

Some of these might seem a little out of left field, but let’s explore why these states are big draws this year. 

Why Move to Texas in 2022

Texas is a big destination for those looking to move in 2022, and it’s easy to see why. Texas has a ton of appeal to buyers due to its low cost of living, even amongst its many cities. From Dallas to Austin to San Antonio, to Houston, this state has a little something extra for everyone. On top of this, Texas’ more laid-back lifestyle is also appealing to those more used to east coast cities. 

Texas is also currently in the midst of an economic upturn, thanks to companies like Tesla, Charles Schwab and Oracle setting up their headquarters in several cities. This also brings a ton of jobs to the area, which only makes it more appealing. 


Why Move to Florida 

There are tons of reasons to move to Florida in 2022. This state features some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, as well as places like Miami and Orlando, which have some of the best nightlife scenes and fun attractions in the country! The state also offers a low cost of living and a more laid-back lifestyle, plus a big job market, which only boosts its appeal.


Why Move to North Carolina

More under the radar than Texas and Florida, North Carolina is also a big destination for those looking to move out of state this year. North Carolina’s housing market is heating up thanks to new buyers and renters moving in who want to take advantage of the state’s beautiful mountains, great beaches, nice climate, and cheap cost of living. 

If you’re looking to move in 2022, look no further than Fuller Moving Services to give you the smooth, most straightforward moving experience yet. When you’ve got us on your side, there’s nothing we can’t do!


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